Monday, 26 September 2011

Some more layouts done the past couple weeks.

Please see post after this one for the rest of the layouts I've been busy with...xx

My Mojo has returned with a vengence!

I have had a very special friend visit this past week and we did a bit of crafting doing scrapbook layouts...which has kick started my mojo big time! hope you like what you see and please leave a comment so I know you have been here. xx Love and light to all. x I will be doing these in two posts....

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bo Bunny Blitzen Candy

Head on over to the Charmed blog cause Karen is giving away some awesome Christmas blog candy!!

Friday, 9 September 2011


Today I learned how nice it can be to go back to work after being off for a week or so. The residents were happy to see me and it felt good to be busy in my work.


Today I learned how nice it can be to just hide away in my craft room and ignore the world around get absorbed in my creations and even shutting the window blind down to block out the world... to turn my music on and sing along without worrying if anyone can hear me...just me my craftroom, my music= my creativity!


Today I learned that a hurting back can affect every other area of your day!! I had to call of sick from work because I hurt my back somehow (and I really don't know how) on saturday morning and here on Tuesday it is still hurting me but thankfully not as bad as Saturday.


Today was a sad sad lesson....let me start by explaining..every summer since moving to this house (this being the 3rd year) our male nuetured cat would disappear for a few days each if on a holiday from home but only ever this one time a year each year. This summer he seemed a bit late in doing this so when he didn't come home on Saturday we "assumed" he would be back in a couple days as always, usually I go out looking for him..this year I didn't...well I wish I had of..we got a call monday (5th) afternoon asking if we had a cat named Pickles...he had been brought into the vets and had been hit by a my lesson today is not to "Assume" anything unless you have proof!!


I have not had a very good few days but have been writing alot of things down so am now here to catch up....Today (Sunday) one of the things I learned was that spending a week with my husband on annual leave goes by way to fast! Seems like we just started our week off and here its almost over in just a few more hours :(

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Being a huge fan of walking boot sales for bargains, we usually find ourselves at the BIG sunday morning Ardleigh boot sale which takes HOURS to walk the entire sale...but today we found a very small community boot sale which was free to get in and I found some awesome bargains, 2 winter knit tops for 50p each and 2 wooden cases for £2 that my hubby is going to alter for me to hold my promarkers!!! So sometimes...smaller is much better when it comes to deals at Boot sales...oh and my feet didn't even have a chance to get tired


Today I learned that by picking up a book which I had put down in the past because I cannot quite get on with it...can make all the difference in my reading it! I had started reading a book about a year ago and put it down because I just couldnt get on with it...and now after picking it up again I am finding it hard to put down!! Sooo before I get rid of those "hard to get into books...I shall give them another chance!

Friday, 2 September 2011


Ahhh so September first is finally here...Alan and I were out @ braintree shopping outlets today enjoying the sunny day and our time off work together. Ahhh but what did I learn today? My lesson for today is "Less is sometimes better" We went to Chimiganas for lunch/dinner before we left Braintree and once again forgot how big their portions are...we should have just had the sharer starter and a drink and not ordered dinners....would have left without feeling over stuffed if we had. Ahhh but isn't that what life is all about...we live and learn! Love and light to all. xx