Saturday, 31 January 2009

Been doing a bit of crafting

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and having a peek of my blog and my crafty bits. I have joined a few scrapping threads over on UKScrappers and have been getting a bit of my mojo back.

I know I have not been crafting half as much as I would like to but I find it really hard somedays this time of year to even smile...I won't go into why..but maybe someday I will. Another reason is because my job keeps me very busy these days and I am looking to change job locations but not job positions. is what I have been up to the past couple weeks...hope you enjoy looking as I have enjoyed creating them. A short explanation of my LO's. 1. My Hands....uks cyber crop pre crop a layout of an identifying characteristic of yours...when I asked my dh..he said..your small caring hence the layout of my hand next to his, 2.Aged elegance another pre crop challange as most people know I love cemetaries and love taking photo's here is a photo I took at the swansea cemetary of an ornament enclosure of a cemetary family plot that has rusted and aged over the years..I find this..beautiful..but sad. 3. I think is my Niagara LO, mine and dh's first trip together as a couple..driving from Maine to Michigan..we were 30 miles from Niagara and just could not pass it up....we arrived at 7am and the gate man let us in for free and we had the place to ourselves except one man and a couple squirrels and my youngest son! Absolutely stunning is all I can describe it as! 4. Special Bond is of my brother and I, we had such a great friendship, he was 7 years older then I but he was my best friend from the day my mom brought me home from the hospital, we lost him when I was 13, it still hurts all these years later...this lo means so so much to me. 5. is of huh? I was born in the year of the Rooster in the chinese horoscope so hence the rooster on the lo, it was for this past weeks uks weekly team challange.
I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen. :)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Blog Candy

Hi everyone...just wanted to let you know I followed blog links today and found some great cards out there made by Sammi and for her blogoversary she is giving away some blog candy! Pop on over and check out her talents! :)

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Been spending much needed time crafting...

I have finially had a couple days to do some crafting and my mojo is flying..I have more photo's cut out to do some more layouts but so far over the past couple weeks I have done these! The top photo is of my second eldest son in his cap and gown for his high school graduation in the U.S. and of him at his celebration a few days later! Next one is of the same some on his second Christmas, and looking very serious! Then we have my third eldest taking a snooze on his brothers skateboard after a long process of rolling it back and forth across the kitchen floor...he still doesn't like to take naps 20 years on! And who can miss Pickles the cat! He does get himself into some awkward spots..but he did prove to me he wasn't stuck! thank you for looking :)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

A bit of me...

I have done a bit of crafting over the holidays and hence the photo's, I have not been about much as I am struggling a bit with my state of mind so to speak. I have a very close Auntie that has been up and down with her health the past few months, and this seems to constantly on my mind. I was lucky enough to speak with all 4 of my son's Christmas day and very happy to know they are all content with where they are at in life at the moment for the most part so as a mum this takes some worry off my heart. For some reason my menopause has really been hitting full force again and my hot flushes and night sweats are wearing me out, my mood goes from high to low in a matter of seconds and I find myself in tears these days more then not. Thankfully I have a fantastic husband who stands by me no matter what and realizes that someday (hopefully soon) I will be back to the lighthearted, full of laughter, woman he married. I do want to add a Thank you to those of my friends who have supported me through all of this, and I am sorry to the ones who have chosen not to...sometimes it takes the rough patches in life to organize our relationships for us.