Thursday, 31 January 2008

Howdy! Just a few mumblings about whats been happening with myself. I am finally back to work and quite pleased about it for the most part. I wonder sometimes why I choose the care field but in my heart I know why, just some days it seems like a thankless profession! OK I have had my little whinge, so next could say...ohhhh geeze another cold day...but I rather like walking to work when its a bit nippy out..the cold kinda nips at your nose....puts a spring in my step..or perhaps it just gets me walking faster cause its cold..but either way..I like it...mind you I won't mind at all when spring arrives..I just hope its a dryish one! I have done a couple layouts which are here by all these typed words...One is of my son wrestling, this particular match he won in 2 min 30 seconds. He Wrestled all through his Middle school and senior school grades until he graduated. I was and still am amazed at his strength and speed for his size. The other lo is of 3 of my snowmen. the big snowman on the layout is an enlarged photograph and I cute the snowman out of it to add to the layout. I have over 80 snowmen which get brought out for the christmas season....I just love em! I am off to make a CJ that goes postal tomorrow and also sitting home today in the warmth awaiting a package from my sister which I have set up to be delivered today! Thank you for stopping by and reading this...Love and light to all of you. xx

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Scrapbook layouts

Here are the latest 2 scrapbook layouts I have done. One is of my husband on Christmas day when he opened his new toy (steering wheel/throttle set ) for his pc. He played until he wore himself out..hence the sleeping photo! lol The second layout are of photo's I took at our local cemetary while out taking shot of ornamental stones, I started to notice the broken and deteriorating stones scattered throughout the old section of the cemetary and this saddened me as they just seemed as if these were the graves of "The Forgotten".

Hello and Welcome...

Hello all and welcome to my second and NEW blog. I will be totally deleting the old one and starting anew with this one. I will be putting some of my scrapbook lo's and cards on here but also just some of my thoughts and mindmumbles so to speak, because mind does mumble. I hope you will take a minute and have a look around and please don't forget to head to the bottom of this page and feed my cyber Monkey "Fred". Hope you enjoy what you see and please feel free to leave any comments!