Sunday, 30 March 2008

Its been a busy time

Hello to all who happens into my has been a very busy month for me. I started my new job and ended my old. The lovely ladies at my old job threw me a going away do and bought me £30.00 of craft shop vouchers and two angel statues for my garden..or wherever else I choose to put them...but they are so precious! The craft vouchers are awaiting the arrival of the Crop o dile Big Bite. Unless I find something sooner I want. lol Another item keeping us busy...Alan and I have been busily phoning and going to see rental properties, well last week we heard of one and after I got done working we decided to take a drive by it just to see where it was exactly...well I was hooked from the first look, I couldn't set up a viewing fast enough, we knew from that first outside look that we wanted it. Well the day as come and gone and we have our viewing of it, we will hopefully be moving in before the end of April! We are just awaiting approval from the property owner. So its biting nails time until we get the call. :/ Last but surely NOT least, my Mother is arriving on Thursday to spend the month with us, its her first visit to the UK and also assures she will not be alone on the 1st anniversary of my fathers death. I am looking forward to her visit as she and I have not had the opportunity to spend quality time together as adults since my sons were babies! Love and Light to all who take the time to read my mindmumbles. I appreciate all of you and your lovely comments..they mean alot to me.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

On a Roll

My mojo is back in full swing with a little prompting! I scraplifted a sketch from: the March 14th sketch. This is of myself with my first and only (so far) Grandson, he was only a couple weeks old in the photo but is now 6 years to say the least its an oldish photo! But one I really like. :) Love and Light to all who read this.

Monday, 24 March 2008 promised here is the card I made for my son for his Birthday...I couldn't put it up here before he recieved it because he cleverly found my blog on the WWW! This was for his 21st birthday..hence the 21 and the bottle of his favourite tipple "jagermeister".

Another LO I have done..this is my mum when she was a old, I am not sure but she sure was cute! I have done this for the UKS March week 4 challange, since I have the day off today I decided to get it done early in the week!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Our George

This is a layout of "Our George" This was for the UKS weekly team challange. George is usually not easy to photograph and its a rare occasion that she ever looks at the camera so getting these "almost" looking at the camera was very lucky! Love and light to all you read this.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I've been a little crafty!

Here are a couple LO's I have done in the past week. The first one is of an old school friend of mine who contacted me a couple years ago after losing touch after High school, she has horses now and always dreamed of riding by the seaside...well last year her dream came too when she and 2 friends loaded the horses in horse boxes and went off to the seaside to ride. She sent me photo's and when asked gave me permission to scrap them. This was done for the weekly challange on UKS. The second one is a LO I did and is of myself and my siblings on Easter Day 1964. I am the smallest of the bunch! Thanks for having a look!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

For the past couple days I have had a very special person visiting with my family,her name is Sarah and what laughs we shared and some great crafting times! I am already looking forward to her visiting again! Didn't matter the wind was blowing and the weather cold we stayed in and created.

My son did manage to snap a couple photo's of us winding down yesterday before Sarah had to head for home. So hence the photo above! She and I met through the Charmed forum and our friendship has blossomed from there. I have been busy making cards and doing layouts inbetween working, I have recently felt close to a crash and burn physically so have decided I need to slow down a bit and take time to breathe.

On the job is my last shift at the residential home I work at presently as a carer, I have been there for 4 years(and doing care for a total of 13 years) and will miss the residents greatly, and my colleagues as well but my new job opens doors to so many more opportunities for me personally, I will be working as a Team Leader and my new job which is alot more responsibity and a bit less physical strain on the body so this is a plus all the way around. I will be doing my NVQ3 in Care which is something I have been wanting to do for a long while. I am looking forward to the new challanges ahead of me. I will update my progress of how things are going here as well as continue to add my creations here! Love and light to all who read this.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

What have I been doing??

I have had a busy couple weeks and ended up with a major headache by this past friday..crash and burn so to speak...whhhhhhhhoa slow down me! <<<>

Friday even found me making a photo frame for Lizzies challange on charmed and I have uploaded it into the gallery there. I am not 100% pleased with it but its a first try at making one and doing spirelli so I am pleased with myself for doing it. Also friday eve I did a LO for the weekly challange on UKS ..which is the photo above all this typed data. lol The requirements for the challange were ...use a sketch (which was shown), use recycled scraps, use green, and the lo must be nature inspired.

OK...on with my dh and I redid the whole craft room, and I had a major clear Mum is coming to stay the month of April with me from the states so I needed to make a place for her to sleep and relax and call her own she is sharing my craftroom, we bought her a single bed, and have dressed it up for her so she should be comfy cosy in it! So today...Sunday the 9th I shall relax and yes...I plan on crafting!