Thursday, 26 June 2008

I've been tagged by Sarah C and I have taken up her tag so here goes....

WHAT WAS HAPPENING !) YEARS AGO? I was working doing private care in the USA, being a mum to my 4 sons and at the time still married to my ex husband.

NAME 5 THINGS TO DO TODAY: 1)Take a bath and wash my hair. 2)Work on the work rota's for my job. 3)Try to pick out papers for a LO I am trying to do. 4) Get ready and walk to work.
5) Give my hubby a big kiss when he picks me up from work at 9pm!

SNACKS I ENJOY: My most favourite snack is popcorn. I am not a huge snacker but when I do feel like a snack I prefer savoury to sweet.

THINGS I WOULD DO IF I WERE A MILLIONAIRE: I would pay off my bills, help my sons financially if they needed me to, buy a cottage by the seaside or run a B&B by the seaside.

PLACES I HAVE LIVED: Kalamazoo and Midland Michigan, Las Vegas Nevada, Upland Ca., Dekalb Illinois, Llandrydladd Anglesey Wales, Hadleigh Suffolk, and now in Ipswich.

Here are the friends I have decided to tag, please ignore it if you don't wish to do it, and please have fun if you wish to participate. :)

Wendy Amanda Sian Juliet Lou


Louly said...

Great answers Tee, you've lived in some vey enviable places. Thanks for the tag, I've had this one twice now so I should get around to doing it.

Juliet said...

Thanks for the tag Tee - I will have a little think and post at the weekend. xxx

Sarah C said...

Thanks for taking up the tag Tee. Love your 5th thing to do today - as if you'd not do that!! LOL I love popcorn too. I mustn't forget to book my room when you get that B&B xxx

bubblegum said...

Just popped on to Hi Tee - hope you are well. :) :)