Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Have spent some time crafting :)

Hello all once MOJO has returned and I have taken full advantage of it by doing a few Layouts. I have decided its time I got seriously busy on scrapping the hundreds of photo's of my sons from birth upwards since they are now all in their 20's and do I dare even say one is 31!!! Ouch..I feel old sometimes! I hope you like what you see and please do leave comments :)

A little explanation of the Layouts ..Beachy Head...not much to explain..I love the sea and seaside and with that goes light houses...I love this photo of the lighthouse at Beachy Head the red and white against the white and black wall just to me is amazing. Then we have my eldest son Ryan (now 31) dressed as a cowboy to have his photo taken, he loved it! and that leads us to my second eldest Dan (now 24) catching sunbeams as the title states....and was very serious about it may I add until he caught us watching him and gave us one of his gorgeous smiles! Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. xx


Sian said...

Fabby LOs, the fish and the anchor are great finishing touches.
What a great cowboy photo.
Beautiful sunbeams photos and memories for you :)

bubblegum said...

Hi Tee - glad to see yo have your mojo back. :) :) And haven't you been busy - well done. :) Your l/o's are fabulous..I love the lighthouse one - I love the sea and cliffs and lighthouses too - think it is the open sapce of it. :)

Your cowboy and sunbeam ones are beautiful. :)

Pop over to mine blog please - I have something for you. :)


Sarah C said...

I so love these LOs xxx

Anonymous said...

Awww these are beautiful Tee. I love the sunbeam one!

Beachy Head is somewhere I pass often when out with the parents. I have to admit I'm more taken with the Belle Toute because they keep moving it back from the edge of the cliff.

Sarah C said...

I still love these and have something for you on my blog xxx

Juliet said...

Beautiful work Tee and fabulous memories. The thought of catching sunbeams is just magical.

Karen said...

You HAVE been busy Tee. It's a bugger that mojo, so hard to find sometimes, glad to see you managed to :o)

Great LO's Tee. xx

maddy hill said...

great layouts Tee , love all the textures in the second one - fab !