Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Just a bit of crafting....

My plane ride to the States in February ..the plane was so empty..I had my choice of seats!

My very best friend, my soul mate, the man that fills my world with sunshine, my husband.

My second eldest son Dan....uh huh during a bit of partying! He will love me for this layout. lol

And here they all are, another one of all my son's together..I love doing layouts of all of them!
Love and light to all who pass by here. xx Tee.


Sarah C said...

Tee, these are really lovely xx

Lea said...

Lovely layouts Tee - I really love the one of Alan.


Sian said...

Oh wow, love your LOs, they're gorgeous.


Karen said...

Great layouts Tee and so nice to see all your guys :-)

Love your profile pic, just wanna hug ya! xx

Fe-Fe said...

What great layouts. You have been busy.

Fe x

Kathy said...

Wow, you've been busy - I agrea with Lea, the one of Alan is very special