Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Its been a long time...

Wow its been quite awhile since I have posted here, sometimes our lives get so busy and the more we try to do the less we get done, I've been settling into my job and taking alot of courses and just living life. My crafting has taken a back seat to life the past few months but now that the sun is not shining as much and the days are getting cooler I will most likely be spending alot more time in my craftroom so there will be posts added here once again. I have thought about canceling out this blog and my photo blog but decided to keep them for awhile longer and see how I feel in a couple months about them. Since I am lucky enough to have my own craft space I am planning to spend alot more time in there doing what I love to do in my spare time..CRAFT!
So....watch this space I guess...well that is if you want to. Love and light to all who come by here.


Sian said...

YAY welcome back Tee. Can't wait to see your creations :)

hotpotato said...

Hi Tee wondered where you'd got to and as our paths haven't crossed at work for a good couple of months either........courses hey don't the Council just love em.LOL