Thursday, 31 January 2008

Howdy! Just a few mumblings about whats been happening with myself. I am finally back to work and quite pleased about it for the most part. I wonder sometimes why I choose the care field but in my heart I know why, just some days it seems like a thankless profession! OK I have had my little whinge, so next could say...ohhhh geeze another cold day...but I rather like walking to work when its a bit nippy out..the cold kinda nips at your nose....puts a spring in my step..or perhaps it just gets me walking faster cause its cold..but either way..I like it...mind you I won't mind at all when spring arrives..I just hope its a dryish one! I have done a couple layouts which are here by all these typed words...One is of my son wrestling, this particular match he won in 2 min 30 seconds. He Wrestled all through his Middle school and senior school grades until he graduated. I was and still am amazed at his strength and speed for his size. The other lo is of 3 of my snowmen. the big snowman on the layout is an enlarged photograph and I cute the snowman out of it to add to the layout. I have over 80 snowmen which get brought out for the christmas season....I just love em! I am off to make a CJ that goes postal tomorrow and also sitting home today in the warmth awaiting a package from my sister which I have set up to be delivered today! Thank you for stopping by and reading this...Love and light to all of you. xx

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Sarah C said...

It takes a special person to be in the care profession and you certainly are a special person. Your son's very clever to win that quick. Love your snowmen too. Brilliant LO's :-) xx