Monday, 21 March 2011

We went for a walk...

Sunday the 20th Alan and I planned the beginning of many walks now the nice weather has returned....we love spending saturday or sunday mornings walking in the country side on a very quiet sunday morning stroll through town while most are still tucked up in their looks so different when its minus shoppers and cars etc. Yesterday my plan was to walk the opposite side of the Orwell bridge that we normally walk and on the way to the bridge we stopped and parked up near St Michaels Parish church that just a couple weeks ago suffered a major it sad...yes..but whats sadder was before the fire the parish has been boarded up for a long time and most recently been used my drug users who tend to leave dirty needles and such maybe it wasn't a terrible happening that they can no longer access the building.....The one shot I took really grabbed at my heart...the one where the stain glass window is just laying out...there was just such an overwhelming feeling of " eeriness as I snapped these photos"

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