Sunday, 9 March 2008

What have I been doing??

I have had a busy couple weeks and ended up with a major headache by this past friday..crash and burn so to speak...whhhhhhhhoa slow down me! <<<>

Friday even found me making a photo frame for Lizzies challange on charmed and I have uploaded it into the gallery there. I am not 100% pleased with it but its a first try at making one and doing spirelli so I am pleased with myself for doing it. Also friday eve I did a LO for the weekly challange on UKS ..which is the photo above all this typed data. lol The requirements for the challange were ...use a sketch (which was shown), use recycled scraps, use green, and the lo must be nature inspired.

OK...on with my dh and I redid the whole craft room, and I had a major clear Mum is coming to stay the month of April with me from the states so I needed to make a place for her to sleep and relax and call her own she is sharing my craftroom, we bought her a single bed, and have dressed it up for her so she should be comfy cosy in it! So today...Sunday the 9th I shall relax and yes...I plan on crafting!


Sarah C said...

This LO is truly amazing. What a fantastic picture and great embellies.

Glad you've got your craft room/spare room sorted in time for your mum's visit (and mine next week! LOL). I promise not to make too much noise in the middle of the night with your scissors, paper and glue LOL

You do need time to rest, so I hope you're getting that today :-D xx

bubblegum said...

Absolutely love this L/O Tee - it is brilliant. :) :)

So you've had a big clear out - well done you - hope you have fun with your mum staying. :) :)

Debbie x

Joani said...

This LO is Fab :)

I'd need a reason to clear out my craft room - but hey ho don't as yet have one so it'll stay cluttered :D

Sian said...

Oh! great LO Tee, it's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I really love this layout Tee!

I hope you have a lovely time when your Mum arrives.