Sunday, 30 March 2008

Its been a busy time

Hello to all who happens into my has been a very busy month for me. I started my new job and ended my old. The lovely ladies at my old job threw me a going away do and bought me £30.00 of craft shop vouchers and two angel statues for my garden..or wherever else I choose to put them...but they are so precious! The craft vouchers are awaiting the arrival of the Crop o dile Big Bite. Unless I find something sooner I want. lol Another item keeping us busy...Alan and I have been busily phoning and going to see rental properties, well last week we heard of one and after I got done working we decided to take a drive by it just to see where it was exactly...well I was hooked from the first look, I couldn't set up a viewing fast enough, we knew from that first outside look that we wanted it. Well the day as come and gone and we have our viewing of it, we will hopefully be moving in before the end of April! We are just awaiting approval from the property owner. So its biting nails time until we get the call. :/ Last but surely NOT least, my Mother is arriving on Thursday to spend the month with us, its her first visit to the UK and also assures she will not be alone on the 1st anniversary of my fathers death. I am looking forward to her visit as she and I have not had the opportunity to spend quality time together as adults since my sons were babies! Love and Light to all who take the time to read my mindmumbles. I appreciate all of you and your lovely comments..they mean alot to me.


Sarah C said...

My friend Tee, I am so pleased that life is moving upwards for you. Everything sounds so exciting. Hope your mum has a great flight over and that you both have a fantastic time together. Be great when you do get the new crop-a-dile. You'll be punching holes all over the place LOL Fingers are crossed for a smooth house move. I know how excited you and DH are. I'm looking forward to seeing the new home.

(((HUGS))) and love to you all xxx

bubblegum said...

Glad you have settled in your new job Tee. Yes, get a crop-o-dile - you'll love it and like Sarah says you'll be punching holes in everything. ;) :)
Have a brilliant time when your mum comes over. ;) :)

Debbie x