Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mum has arrived

Hello everyone! Well my mum is here and settling in for her month long stay, the time already is going by fast and there's so much I wanna show her in between working, packing for our move, and moving...ahhhh but we will get there! Here are a couple first moment photo's that Alan took of mum and I at the airport when she first arrived. We are hoping the weather gets better as it would be nice to show her some of England in the warmth of spring! Love and Light to all who read my mindmumbles.


Louly said...

Oh what lovely photos, I really hope you have a fabulous time with your mum, fingers crossed for some lovely weather, it would be a shame for your mum not to see how beautiful Britain is in the spring. Is it her first visit over here?

Sarah C said...

What lovely piccies of 2 lovely ladies. Like Lou, I hope the weather is right for you to be able to see the sights. I'm so looking forward to meeting your mum when I pop down xxx

Lou, yes it is her first time over here.

Juliet said...

Have a fantastic time with your Mum Tee and treasure every minute.

Sian said...

Hope you have a great time with your mum, and keep us updated with your sight seeing :)

bagpuss said...

hi tee
it is bagpuss froms scrapstars
where does u mum live/or u originally from
if ity is her first time to england

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's a belated comment Tee but I hope you and your Mum enjoy your time together