Sunday, 24 February 2008

Here I am again with a couple more lo's I have done..both for challanges with for the weekly challange and the other for the Elsie flannagin challange...the weekly challange was use 2 photos, I used a song title from Grease as instructed (You're the one that I want) and add a bit of shiney to it, and a bit of white..all which I included! The Elsie challange was use 4 photos (telling the story--so to speak) so I have done this with 4 photo's of my cats playing hide n seek which they seem to do alot of these days....not so sure I am happy with the title paper but its there anyway..perhaps I will change it at some time in the future..or grow to like it!


Sarah C said...

These are really lovely Tee. You've done a grand job with them. Alan looks as cheeky as he usualy does in the piccies you take! Can't wait to meet him when I come down next cos I've heard so much great stuff about him :-D

You're cats are so cute too. Great piccies of them xx

bubblegum said...

Tee these L/o are fabulous. :)

Jusr love that cute wee kitten. :) :)

Debbie x

Sarah C said...

Still love these LO's.

Came to tell you that I have given you an award. Details are on my blog (((hugs))) xx